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PR and Marketing: How to make 2019 your best year yet!

Contributed by Astley Media

The last of our January blog series has been contributed by Dan Pritchard, Managing Director at Astley Media, the PR & Marketing sponsor of Fast Track to Growth.

​​In order to make 2019 your best year yet Dan offers these top-tips:

Focus on making personal connections:

By really knowing and understanding your clients, customers and the other businesses working in your area you can create tailored experiences and marketing campaigns which meet their needs and your business goals. Use data you have already gathered and consider new ways to capture data to understand your customers better.

Forget interruption marketing:

We predict 2019 will see the final demise of interruption marketing. Irritating telemarketing calls and website pop-ups will be replaced by customer focused content delivery. By getting to know what your customers want to see, and where they want to see it, you can reach them with your messages in a way which is tailored and impactful to them.

Work across the whole business:

To meet business demands marketeers must work closely with sales, HR, finance and other business departments. By working cross-departmentally you will be in a stronger position to identify opportunities and understand your customers demands.  

Dan Pritchard is Managing Director at Astley Media. Astley Media offer PR & Marketing support, crisis communications and marketing training for a range of business sectors. For more information, please call Dan on 01392 267394 or email dan.pritchard@astleymedia.co.uk