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  • Fast Track to Growth

Personalisation in Customer Service, HR, sales and marketing

Generic messages to customers and staff are losing their effectiveness, for meaningful engagement your messages need to be tailored.

Here are some top-tips for personalising your customer service, HR, sales and marketing activities from the FT2G partners.

Customer service: Put customer service at the centre of your business activities. Don’t be afraid to ask customers what they think! Feedback can be used to affirm what you are doing, or to identify areas for improvement. Find ways to delight your customers, delivering a service they want to tell their friends (and social media followers!) about.

HR: Invest time, energy and resources in getting to know your staff. Learn how they like to work, how they like to be rewarded and use this information to help develop, motivate and retain your workforce.

Sales: Gather data on your sales funnel and understand what you can do to personalise the sales process. Personalised emails and thoughtful follow-ups (using technology) can help you to understand the different stages of the sales funnel and help you close more sales.   

Marketing: CRM systems and access to big data enables companies to more effectively segment their target audience, understand how these segments engage with your business and map out strategic and impactful customer touch points to plan marketing activities.

Discover more about personalising your customer service, HR, sales and marketing at the Fast Track to growth Business Festival taking place at Dartington Hall on Wednesday 24 April. Spaces are available here: https://bit.ly/2WQ3bgg