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How to write and deliver a winning 4 minute Sales Pitch

Kindly contributed by Momentum South West

The most important thing to remember when you are pitching, is that it’s not about what you want. It’s about your audience. Why should they listen to you? Why should they buy-in to what you’re asking for? What’s in it for them?

Whether you are pitching to sell your products or services to potential buyers or pitching to gain the support of your boss, or other stakeholders or project sponsors, the most important thing to get right, is to make it easy for your audience to like you, understand you and ultimately, to trust you.

Here’s 5 very simple things to think about when you are preparing your pitch:

1. Grab their attention Why does what you’re selling or asking for matter? How and who does it impact? Share some evidence or a compelling message to get instant buy-in.

2. Understand what your audience really needs What worries or concerns do they have? Show empathy, understanding and your personal experience.

3. Present the way that you are going to meet their needs, beyond any doubt Demonstrate that you can offer a solution to their problem. Present unique and compelling reasons why your solution is a good fit. Share some evidence of social proof eg. what do others’ think of this?

4. Ask for their commitment Give a clear call-to-action. Be specific about what the next steps look like. What can the audience expect to see/have/do once they’ve agreed.

5. Make a personal commitment Provide a feeling of comfort and confidence. Commit your own next steps, with positivity and conviction.

Really great pitchers never ‘wing it’, they always rehearse, rehearse and rehearse some more. Video yourself, speak to yourself in the mirror or practise with your friends and colleagues – whatever is going to get you pitch perfect before the big day arrives.

Our advice is to avoid a script. Nobody wants to look at the top of your head whilst you’re reading your pitch, but if you rehearse enough, you’ll be confident to throw your script away. Key words written on flash cards can be a great alternative.

What you say is only part of it, the way you say it plays a vital part too. Give eye contact, relax, make use of pausing and silence and don’t fiddle – pen clicking and foot tapping is very off-putting.

Momentum South West offer presentation skills training and sales coaching. Find out more about training courses here and get in touch at enquiries@momentumsouthwest.co.uk