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B2B and B2C Growth Planning

Kindly contributed by FT2G partners SW Business Support Solutions and Stephens Scown

Successful businesses rarely become successful by accident. They grow because they have a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve and use this to create a winning business strategy to reach objectives and attract inward investment.

SW Business Support Solutions, work with businesses to stabilise the whole organisation and looking at all operational processes before working on an expansion plan. Collaboratively they then create a solid and sustainable foundation for growth.

Legal Partner, Stephens Scown recognise that one of the most common ways to achieve growth is through investment. A considered growth plan will make your business more attractive to potential investors.

Giles Dunning, partner and head of corporate at Stephens Scown recommends the following steps before approaching investors:

  • Ensure that you have contracts in place with key suppliers and customers.

  • Comply with legislation including data protection and any sector-specific regulations relevant to your business.

  • Protect your brand and intellectual property.

  • Incentivise your key people for the long term. Businesses with happy and motivated staff are far more valuable in the eyes of investors.

Getting these issues right from the start will help to make your business an attractive investment.

SW Business Support Solutions help businesses put in plan sustainable expansion plans. For more information visit www.swbss.co.uk.

Stephens Scown are an employee owned law firm in Devon and Cornwall offering personal, business and specialist legal advice. For more information visit www.stephens-scown.co.uk

Discover more about B2B and B2C growth planning at the Fast Track to growth Business Festival taking place at Dartington Hall on Wednesday 24 April. Spaces are available here: https://bit.ly/2WQ3bgg

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