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All attendees to the Business Festival will be invited to book onto workshops delivered by the Fast Track to Growth partners. Find out more about the workshops on offer throughout the day below:

Astley Media

Five Steps to Building your Brilliant Marketing Strategy

Astley Media has created a unique programme that takes the mystery out of PR and Marketing. From storytelling to standing out from the crowd, these are the five areas we believe you need to focus on to grow your brand… and your business.

Creating the Tribe for your Brand to Thrive

How do you turn loyal customers into a tribe of advocates who are passionate about what you do? In this workshop we will look at some of the best examples of companies who have earned brand loyalty as well as offering some tips that you can apply to your business.

Commissioning HR

Growing a Business With People at Its Heart

This workshop will looking: hiring for growth, motivators and what people look for in work, reward and recognition and retaining your staff​.

Momentum SW

How to Sell your Products/Services in a way that builds Trust and Loyalty

Retaining your customers and growing their lifetime value is vital in today’s competitive marketplace.  Buyers have more choice than ever before and can research alternatives with ease and speed, so we must ensure our customers feel engaged and valued.  Our workshop will cover the key elements of “Sales Through Service” and demonstrate how you can successfully build loyalty and trust amongst your customer base, so that upselling and cross-selling opportunities can be gained, helping you to grow a sustainable business.

How to Build and Manage your Sales Pipeline

We will demystify the process of moving your prospects from the stage of ‘Lead’ to ‘Sale’, providing you with some straightforward tips on how to spot the ideal prospect and how to track progress towards the all-important stage of closing of the deal.  As well as new business prospects, we’ll also explore ways to create a repeat purchase and adequately manage your customer communication.



How to approach the bank for funding

In this session the NatWest Business Team will explain how the Bank actually considers a lending application, what you need to include in business plan if you are applying for funding and the importance of understanding your cash flow.


How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset

The success (or failure) of any business, venture or project is directly attributable to the quality of the your mindset.  In this session we will explore the qualities of a successful mindset and the positive, powerful strategies that help people and teams improve performance and achieve more.

PKF Francis Clark

Making technology work for your business and accounts

Our workshop on making technology work for your business will talk you through the new world of cloud accounting. Useful tips on how to save time on general processing and make use of the real time information available to make accurate business decisions.


Business planning for growth 

Our business planning for growth workshop will talk you through building your own business plan. What to include, where to invest your time and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Stephens Scown

Protecting your brand 

Thomas Chartres-Moore, an associate in Stephens Scown’s intellectual property team will discuss trade marks, know how and confidentiality. Using real life examples, he will illustrate what to do – and crucially the pitfalls to avoid – to help you secure and protect your brand.


SW Business Support Solutions

Business strategy: your fast track to growth

This workshop will look at how to formulate a business strategy, looking at your vision, objectives and tactics. How to deploy your business strategy and who to tell. 85% of SW SMEs don’t have a business strategy, this means that the 15% that do, have a massive advantage over the others, as they know where they are going.


Business analytics: how to know what is really going on in your business

What’s really going on in your business. Unless you analyse your data, you will only think you know what’s happening but you won’t know for sure. By analysing your data you can see, what works and what doesn’t. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. So let us show you how to measure your data and what that will bring to your business.